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  • I have used generic Viagra for an extended period of time now. Initially, I had some side effects as my body was not used to the drug. But, then, I took the required measures so as to ensure that the effects did not become grave. Other than that, generic Viagra was good at doing its function in the proper way. It brought about the necessary changes in the system, so as to change the way in which my body functioned. As a result of this, I was able to feel the arousal which I could not before I started taking the med.James (USA)
  • Generic Viagra is one those meds that are needed to treat ED in a person. There are many other meds that are available also for this same purpose and work quite well. But, I think, Generic Viagra is the most popular and common one. I too started using generic Viagra after my family doc told me to. I bought the drug on prescription, so that I knew the right dose and manner to take the med. This helped me in avoiding any kind of side effects that might have occurred otherwise. Generic Viagra was able to increase my arousal and feel the same.Mark (USA)
  • Many months ago, I started taking generic Viagra. After I started taking it, I have not felt the ill effect of the condition of ED. Also, on account of that, I was able to once again feel the arousal which I missed due to the condition. Now, I continue to take the dose that was suggested to me by the doc, back then. The med has a very strong active ingredient which makes it so effective in its working. I do not feel any kind of hesitation in taking it, anymore.Paul (USA)
  • Generic Viagra has been used by a lot of people for treating using ED in them. I too have used generic Viagra. It has been very effective in me. It has been able to produce arousal in me which I was not able to feel on account of the condition of ED in me. The med has very strong chemicals in it, due to which it is able to produce such effect. The active ingredient is very powerful, and thus works accordingly in the system. Those who have this problem too, should take generic Viagra after having consulted the doctor and being given the prescription for the same.Robert (USA)